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The Guiding Group

The spectrum of services offered by the GUIDING GROUP ranges from the generation of content to sales and hire services for guiding devices for individual tourists, tour guide systems for group tours and city tours, and creating mobile websites and smart phone apps.

The Guiding Group synergies offer you ideal one-stop customised solutions.

iguide Media GmbH

...generates audio texts and image content. With its clear focus as a content provider, iGuide Media GmbH is the core of the GUIDING GROUP. Since 2001, iGuide has established an experienced team of professional authors, editors and voice artists to create its attractive and diverse audio guides for museums, cultural institutions, nature parks, city tourism and tour operators.

iGuide Media GmbH's position as a market leader in this sector is supported by a portfolio of 250 audio tours of European cities and museums in a range of languages and with a spectrum of content from purely informative commentaries to a series of short audio play episodes at specific sites.

itour city guide GmbH

...was founded in Weimar in 2005. Since 2013, the company has also had an office in Berlin, a city renowned as a magnet for tourists as well as a cutting-edge technology and media location. itour city guide GmbH focuses specifically on marketing audio guides and the sale of all GUIDING GROUP products. In addition, itour offers its support services for its partners’ projects, including professional equipment maintenance and the provision of technical accessories. Over 80 tourist organisations in Europe as well as various cruise and tour operators are happy to rely on the service packages provided by itour city guide GmbH.

tomis GmbH & Co. KG based in Munich. Founded in 2006, the company provides audio guides as mobile-enabled systems and smartphone apps. Today, the company has over 50 partner tourist organisations offering the tomis service for their visitors: TOMIS MOBI Guiding Group

Merger to Guiding Group

.... the GUIDING GROUP designs, develops and produces audio-visual multimedia guides for museums,  exhibitions, cities, parks and nature reserves, industrial and information centres – all tailored to each customer’s own specifications and Needs - complete Solutions one-stop.

Deutsche Bundesstiftung für Umwelt - German Environment Foundation

The itour city guide GmbH  - Member of GUIDING GROUP -  was awarded for this project as an official contributor to the "UN-decade for biological diversity"

Membership of CLIA Association

The Guiding Group is member of  CLIA Association  -  the Cruise Lines International Association.

Guiding Group Katapneuma 2017

Katapneuma GmbH

                                                                 Transfer of Katapneuma GmbH into Guiding Group.