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Do you also offer your culture sector customers new, innovative approaches to their exhibits and displays?

The audio guide is an economical, tried and tested technology for tours in museums and exhibitions. Audio guides are extremely easy to use just by entering commentary numbers on a standard numeric keypad. Visitors usually hear a tour individually via earphones, although some audio guides can take up to two sets of earphones or use a loudspeaker integrated into the audio guide device.

The commentary numbers are displayed close to the exhibits or on specially produced museum or exhibition maps, making it easy to select particular commentaries or specific tours. The keys on the keypad also adjust the volume, or pause the commentary.

The multimedia guide has expanded functionality to include images and videos. The user interface is intuitively operated, and equipped with the standard functions of play and rewind, pause, volume control, and numpad. Including photos, graphics and videos on a tour can breathe new life into museum exhibits – and even make the walls of ancient monuments come alive!

And audio and multimedia guides do not only make visitors more independent. Even if a museum or exhibition is not offering a foreign language tour when visitors from abroad arrive, a multimedia guide available in different languages ensures they can still enjoy a memorable tour!



NEC Smart Guide

Picture NEC Smart Guide



The NEC Smart Guide is a new unique, robust Android-Smartphone with varied possibilities which can be combined according the demand modular. 

Please find further information and technical details here (pdf-download, 900 KB).


Photo Apple Ipad



The iPad puts new audio visual graduations to excursions for museums and exhibitions and allows an experience in never been there dimension to visitors by different possibilities.

Audio Guide

Photo Audio Guide AT-200



The audio guide AT-200 is the proven technology for excursions by museums and exhibitions. The service is possibly easy and occurs over number keyboard.

iTour City Guide APP

Picture iTour City Guide APP


The iTour city guide App is developed especially to be able to discover cities in a quite individual and easy way for you. With  iTour city guide App you find all places of interest in the city  - according to GPS and an integrated off-line city plan.



iTour City Guide APP

Photo iTour City Guide APP


Explore cities and sightseeing in an easy way with iTour City App!

Here you go to itunes-Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/itour-city-guide/id1112894335?mt=8

Here you go to Google-Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.itour.cityguide&hl=de

GPS Audio Guide APP

Photo City Map APP

The Official Royal Caribean GPS Audio Guide APP:

Here you go to Apple Store  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/celebrity-city-guide/id1104172826

Here you go to Google Store  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.itour.gpsaudiocityguide





itour city guide

the smarter way of guiding multilingual groups

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itour city guide

itour city guide


With the itour city guide, Guiding Group is presenting an excellent solution for guiding multilingual groups. 

the best solution

itour city guide


With this innovative technology, participants listen to their individually selected language on their own smartphones during the group tour.

for multilingual group tours

itour city guide


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