Picture Content Guiding Group

Text and Editing, Translation, Production and Accessibility

Texting and Editing

GUIDING GROUP designs, develops and produces audio-visual multimedia guides for museums,  exhibitions, cities, parks and nature reserves, industrial and information centres – all tailored to each customer’s own specifications and needs.

In our comprehensive range of services, one key element is the independent development and provision of guiding systems on MP3 and phone guide devices, as Android or iOS apps and on group guiding devices.

It is solely our customer’s requirements, message and vision that forms the basis for a successful, up-market, interesting audio guide. In realising your project, we are more than happy to have your input.

You can always play a part in shaping your audio-visual guide, profiting from our expertise and many years of experience in this sector.

The tours are written and edited by our specialised authors and editors experienced in radio drama and dramatic composition, ensuring the best transition to the spoken word. We rely on their skills in realising and shaping the tours.  We begin by researching the content, designing your envisaged tours, and creating the “script” to fire your visitors’ imagination! Our team of authors is supplemented by museologists, historians and educational specialists who add their expertise to the mix to ensure your message is not only heard, but also understood – making the tour a genuine pleasure for your visitors.

Audio Production

Whether you wish to produce an exciting audio drama telling the story of scientists Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe or are planning an audio tour looking at the phenomenon of constant changes in the natural environment, you've come to the right place! We will gladly co-produce a joint script with your specialist staff and bring it to life in a recording studio, creating a captivating atmosphere. A recent project looked at forest diversity, proving that a "forest is not just a forest", which echoes the diversity of the scripts we produce.

Our professional voice actors and narrators are selected to suit your project – especially since a warm, engaging voice is one key factor in drawing listeners into audio media. Naturally, recordings are also made with a director present – ensuring the best production for your tour.

That quality is also reflected in our use of experienced sound technicians and editors, producing in our own studio the worlds of sound to open your visitors’ eyes – and ensuring your visitors a top flight audio experience! We also work with experienced native speakers in a variety of languages, and on request can provide foreign language versions of your tour for your visitors from abroad.

Foto, Video and Animation

"Open Country/Succession" Animation

In 2013, we won a tender issued by the national countryside network, DBU Naturerbe GMBH, to design a nature app for all areas of the network.

The idea was to make the countryside accessible for all visitors while also urging people to take care of our natural habitat, the earth. An animated film entitled "Open Country/Succession" was produced in German as part of this contract.

Client: The German Environmental Foundation DBU Naturerbe GMBH
Cooperation partner: Heinz Sielmann Foundation
Length:  approx. 2 hours 30 minutes
Speaker: 1 non-station voice




Our native-speaker translators not only translate, but can also transcreate. They have a range of specialisations, and work in the cultural sector, theatre, advertising, politics and marketing. Some have studied art history or history, others are also actors and professional voice-artists.

In principle, we only work on foreign language productions with native speakers and translators with a wealth of experience in the different genres. When it comes to knowledge, our native speaker translators are often not just bilingual, but multi-lingual!

Together, we have many successful audio tours in the broad area of tourism, history, exhibitions and museums in locations in Germany and other European cities which we can proudly call our own.

Experience Accessibility

Audio-visual guide systems open up new ways of participating in cultural life. Since people with disabilities have a range of special needs, accessible tours in various formats are increasingly in demand today – and have become a benchmark for future quality.

Our accessible tours are created in close cooperation with leading organisations and associations in the field, as well disabled people themselves – and our tours are especially designed to take their needs into account. In particular, our approach ensures that people with visual or hearing impairments can enjoy genuinely individual access. In addition, we provide special sound enhanced headphones for hard of hearing visitors.

Working together with our clients, experienced native signers and our technicians, we use blue screen technology to produce videos in German or international sign language, and add them to our audio devices. The choice of a signer on the video is aligned with our customers’ needs.

For visually impaired visitors, we develop special wayfinding systems as an orientation aid on the tour. The commentaries and content on our tours are specially adapted by experts to create an audio described tour which is interesting and accessible.

Our technology is extremely user-friendly. With their large touch-screen displays and intuitive navigation, the robust devices are simple to operate. In addition, since the devices are programmable as desired, they can easily be adapted to specific content, locations and target groups.