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Together with our customers, we develop specific software solutions in all major programming languages. This allows us to satisfy genuine needs and meet strategic objectives in the tour guide and the POI information provision sector. Moreover, we take care of the entire project planning process from drawing up specifications to the final deployment of software. Continuing support after launch and software updates are part of our service which we provide as a matter of course. Before we develop anything, we identify customer and passenger needs, determine requirements and design solutions on that basis. Other options include linking to a content management system, a statistics function, NFC (RFID) and WLAN.The following projects are just some of our most recent innovative software developments:

App Platform

NEC Smart Guide

Smartphone App


Attract new target groups by enabling visitors to enjoy a downloaded tour of your premises on their own familiar mobile devices. In the tourism sector, the development of dedicated apps has opened up totally new marketing opportunities. The smartphone app is the most dynamic, cutting edge, and mobile version of a multimedia guide – whether as a city tour or for a museum or hiking trail or .... and this could be a very long list! But wherever information is provided for visitors, the latest technical applications able to access new target groups need to be part of the mix.

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Smartphone App

The Smartphone App offers you a high potential for additional customer  sales and to put high quality tours on the market. Further Information and technical Details : Download here (pdf-Datei, 4100 KB).

Available Apps

See for Yourself our high Quality guided tours and download one of our Apps on your Smartphone without charge.

Here  our Apps : Google Play Store!

And more Apps: iTunes Store! Here you find further Apps here  and also in our references Sightseeing Town.

App Platform

The App Platform provides a unified platform for the apps for a group providing related tourist services, giving visitors the convenience of a one-stop site with all the members of a particular association (e.g. the members of the German Federal Environmental Foundation -DBU).

By accessing the App Platform and the app generated by it, visitors can enjoy GPS-triggered audio information as well as images, texts or videos on the individual points of interest. The platform’s architecture provides each association member with a dedicated database allowing tours and information to be uploaded via a simple content management system (CMS).

The generated app has a responsive design, automatically adapting to any screen size. As a result, it can also be displayed on the association member’s own website. In addition, since the application uses a hybrid programming model, it is also platform independent. With playout automated in such individual mobile systems as iOS and Android, this represents a significant saving in time and cost.

Software Solutions


The itour NEC Guide is a unique, robust, Android-based smartguide offering various options that can be combined modularly based on individual requirements.

It is used as a river guide for cruises on Europe's rivers and therefore an audio tour can be enjoyed aboard ships.

The device can also be used to guide visitors around cities by GPS.  A city map stored on the device also allows users to get their bearings, with a blue button indicating their precise location.

This provides them with an autonomous way of finding out interesting facts about a city courtesy of the in-ear audio guide.

The itour NEC Tour Guide can also be used as a transmitter and receiver for group tours with a guide.

Its menu navigation is extremely simple and easy to understand for all age groups. Using the specially developed icons, it is easy to switch between the City Guide, River Guide and Tour Guide modes, making the itour NEC an all-in-one device.


From cell to smart phone or tablet, we offer the right audio tour solution – call, download, mobile internet or app – and all on your own familiar device! With our phoneguides, you can look and listen at the same time, exploring a particular point of interest while simultaneously listening to the informative and entertaining commentary. And our mobile audio guides are available around the clock. Simply listen as you like – just from time to time or as a single connected tour.

Our range of tours has something for everyone!
•    Classic city phone tours, for example, Augsburg
•    Hiking and cycling tours, e.g., in the Duchy of Lauenburg or along the Green Belt
•    Museum tours including Ludwigsstadt Slate Museum
•    Exhibitions showcasing, for instance, Prussian Queen Louise on her “Peacock Island” near Berlin
•    Art projects, e.g., Memory Loops in Munich (also as an app)
•    RFID/QR-Code, for example, Touchpoints in Potsdam
•    Dedicated audio tours for specific target groups, such as our Audio guide for blind or visually impaired visitors in Potsdam or the Swabian audio guide to Marbach, birthplace of Friedrich Schiller
•    And all in a range of different languages!




Photo Phoneguide


With the Phoneguide your visitors enjoy Sightseeing  in town directly from their own Mobile Phone.Further Information and technical Details: Download here (pdf-Datei, 600 KB).