Picture Service Guiding Group

Allround Service for License, Hardware and Software

All-round services - Hardware Maintenance


In our corporate culture, meeting the needs of our customers is our top priority!
That’s a challenge we happily embrace – and we work proactively to look for and find the right solutions for each customer’s particular issues and concerns.

This approach has also produced our all-round service comprising:
•    Replacement headphones, headphones Recycling, Lanyards
•    Headphone padding
•    Shipment and Logistics
•    Supply of replacement batteries
•    Equipment maintenance and exchange including delivery costs
•    Hotline Support 24/7
•    Theft insurance when visitors have to leave a valid ID until the device is returned
•    Technology exchanged every 3 – 5 years approximately, depending on device wear and technological developments
 - not for purchased devices!
The all-round service is automatically part of financing model agreements such as pay per ticket, loans and device hire.

If you prefer to purchase the devices outright, our all-round service is available for a additional minimal monthly fee.



Content Licensing

You can license the content we produce, whether it be city tours, audio walks, videos or photos. This is cheaper than producing it yourself. Existing content can be revised based on your requirements. Customers can then access it from your website, as an app on their smartphones or in an audioguide. We will gladly offer you a tailored package.