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110 City Tours and Bike Tours, 4 River Tours including 2220 Pois set into Audioguides -  as GPS Audioguide on the rivers: Danube, Rhine, Seine, Gironde and Tulip Tour. Available in English.

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Luxurious river cruises with Scenic Tours

Scenic Tours is an Australian owned and operated luxury river cruising company, offering cruises on the world's most famous rivers. In Europe, their luxury ships tour, for example, between Amsterdam and Budapest along the Rhine and Danube, on the Rhone, Seine and Garonne in France as well as on the Russian waterways.

Scenic Tours primarily attracts English-speaking guests expecting outstanding, exclusive service on board, and keen on exploring the unique landscapes and sights along the rivers – not only on guided excursions but also independently.

The GUIDING GROUP has been a Scenic Tours partner since 2011. Working in close cooperation with the company, we regularly develop new guiding solutions for guests on board the Scenic Tours fleet of river cruise ships. During the cruise, the Riverview function offers passengers a diverse range of GPS-triggered information on local sights, history, countryside, life and culture. On the Scenic Tours in Germany, France and Russia, we provide our own customised audio tours on GPS devices, enabling guests to discover the sights on shore for themselves – either as a walking tour or on the e-bikes provided by the ship. We also supply the Guiding Group’s Whispersystem (incl. transmitter, receiver and accessories) for tours with live guides. The service contract ensures that regular software updates are available, defect devices exchanged efficiently and quickly, and clean earphones are on hand for each new tour.

For Scenic Tours luxury river cruises, the GUIDING GROUP provides the following services:
•    Research, authoring of commentaries and production of over 2220 diverse points of interest
•    Translation of commentaries into English
•    Recording, editing, mixing and producing the audio commentaries
•    On-board GPS audio commentaries (Riverview)
•    Uploading onto GPS guiding devices for exploring sights and towns independently  
•    Guiding devices compatible with the e-bikes on board
•    Licence agreement for the provision of the guide devices
•    Provision of group guide devices (transmitter and receiver) for fixed days at specific locations
•    Service package (24-hour hotline, technical and software updates, supplying replacement devices, headphones, etc.)

Contract Partner: Scenic Tours

Project Period: from 2011



River Tour Routes



Photo Budapest


Rivertour from Amsterdam in the Netherlands through Germany and Austria to the City of Budapest in Hungary.800 POI´s along the Rivertour. 27 City Tours with a total of 503 POI`s - including for example Amsterdam, Cologne,Vienna and Budapest

Audioguide Rhine Main Danube

                Rhine Main Danube Tour

Rivertour Rhine

Photo Rhine


Rhine Tour from Basel to Amsterdam.260 POI`s along the River. 16 City Tours with a total of 319 POI`s, including Dusseldorf,Koblenz, Strassbourg, Basel.

Audioguide Tour Rhine

                        Audioguide Tour Rhine


Main Experience

River Experience on the Main.

Moselle River Tour

Experience Tour Moselle.


Gironde Tour

On River Gironde. 100 POI`s along the River. 8 City Tours with 131 a total of POI`s, including Bordeaux, Saint Emilion, Cognac and Bourg.

Rhone Experience Tour

Experience on the River Rhone.

Seine Tour

Tour on the River Seine from English Channel through the Normandy via Rouen to Paris. 170 POI`s along the River. 8 City Tours with a total of 111 POI`s, including Honfleur, Rouen and Etretat.


Route Tulip

Route Tulip: 140 POI`s along the Tour. 7 City Tours with a total of 132 POI`s, including Antwerpen and Nijmegen


Duoro Experience

River Experience Tour on Duoro.150 POI`s along the River. 3 City Tours with a total of 68 POI`s - Porto, Coimbra and Lisboa.

Duoro Experience

The City of Vila Real

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