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Förderverein Kämmereimuseum Blumenthal e.V.


Förderverein Kämmereimuseum Blumenthal e.V.
An der Lehmkuhle 18a, 28777 Bremen, Contact: Detlef Gorn

Provision of a phone guide for a tour of the "industrial axis" in partnership with the Förderverein Kämmereimuseum Blumenthal e.V.

The phone guide provides an additional opportunity for those interested in undertaking an informative tour of the "industrial axis" at any time without having to make much effort themselves.
All that is required is a mobile phone so visitors bring the necessary equipment with them, which is a clear advantage of the system.

We provide users with various telephone numbers at fixed prices via a call portal and they just need to dial into the individual audio stations.

Photo Kämmereimuseum Blumenthal e.V.

On the trail of Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe

A historical tour of Jena.

The entrepreneurs Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe shaped modern-day Jena like no other historical figure. To this day, Jena is defined by ZEISS and the Carl Zeiss Foundation. Abbe’s sociopolitical ideas and talent as a scientist continue to have an impact today. Other traces of their lives have since faded. This historical tour takes you to places where their impact on the modern townscape is still visible.
Two speakers provide you with the essential facts and tell a host of stories that bring the two men to life. Contemporary statements and letters are quoted. The tour features some 70 historic photographs.
You can take our tour in addition to a tour of the town. Or how about enjoying its many aspects in any order over a coffee? Alternatively, you can use our tour anywhere in the world to acquaint yourself with these two key figures and their fields of expertise irrespective of time or place.
• Route with 14 stops
• Premium-quality illustrated audio guide in 2 languages provided by professional speakers
• Zoomable map with selectable stops
• GPS function
• Scrollable menu list displaying all the stops; individual stop selection possible• Several images for each stop provided as a slide show

Photo Carl Zeiss

Audioguide Zeiss Company - the first factory


Photo Zeiss Jena