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Pilot project German Environment Foundation's app platform

The purpose of this app is to get people excited about nature and the richness of the local animal and plant species! In a joint effort with the DBU, Guiding Group conceived audio guides, that inform visitors on discovery tours through natural heritage sites about habitats of flora and fauna in an entertaining way.

The itour city guide GmbH (Member of GUIDING GROUP) was like all participants, awarded for this project as an official contributor to the "UN-decade for biological diversity" (Document in German only).

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App Platform for the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)


In 2013, together with the Nationales Netzwerk Natur, the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Environmental Foundation – DBU) invited tenders for the creation of an app platform for their natural heritage areas. This joint app for all 53 members of the Nationales Netzwerk Natur provides a single platform for visitors to natural heritage areas throughout Germany.

The app aims to inspire people about our natural world and increase awareness of the wealth of flora and fauna in Germany! It offers free access to GPS-triggered information, images, audio commentaries and videos about flora and fauna, natural areas or hiking trails. Depending on the tour you want to take, you simply load the related files into the app and can then access all the information, including the maps, offline on your smartphone. 

In cooperation with the DBU, the Guiding Group has also designed and developed audio guides taking visitors on an entertaining tour through these natural heritage areas and explaining the habitats and habits of the flora and fauna there. 

For example, for the Prora natural heritage area, a friendly district forester accompanies a visitor to the “flint fields”.  By listening to this entertaining dialogue, the app users learn how these large natural deposits of flint were created and about the animals that have made this habitat their home, from the red-backed shrike to the smooth snake, and many more. 

These audio tours exploit all an audio guide’s potential and include the sounds of rare species to enrich the audio experience. What is the sound of alder tree marshland – for example, during the moor frog mating season?

The guide for the Treetop Trail on the DBU Prora Natural Heritage Site was designed as an audio drama. The forester (played in German by Constantin Hahnel) on Duke Malte zu Puttbus’ estate accompanies visitors along the Treetop Trail, engaging in an entertaining game of hide-and-seek with a woodland spirit. Through this amusing dialogue, the app not only gives listeners an insight into woodland development and the white-tailed eagle population, but also into the history of today’s natural heritage area as a site for military manoeuvres.

The itour “Natur APP” provides every DBU member organisation with its own 
database, which they can service at any time using a simple content management system.

With the itour Natur APP database including such leading German nature conservancy institutions as the Naturerbe GmbH, the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, the Schleswig-Holstein Nature Conservancy Foundation and the NABU Foundation Hessisches Naturerbe, it is sure to be maintained over the coming years and new functionalities added.
The Guiding Group has provided the following services:
•    Research and authoring of 54 different points of interest on the trails
•    Tours for young people and adults
•    Audio guide for the exhibition
•    Translation of commentaries into English
•    Production of a video on ecological succession and open land
•    Recording, editing, mixing and producing the audio commentaries
•    GPS audio commentaries

Commissioned by: DBU - Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

Project period: December 2013 – December 2014

Award "UN-Dekade für Biologische Vielfalt"



DBU Rügen - Natural heritage area Prora

Treetop Trail

[Translate to English:] Foto Baumkronenpfad

Children Guide

[Translate to English:] Foto Turm Baumkronenpfad


Bamberg E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Trail

Bamberg E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Trail: Narrated Audio Guide. Duration: 90 min. Narrator: Guide. Available in German.

Fläming Art Route

Fläming Art Route: Narrated Audio Guide with 38 works of art on a 50 km hiking trail. Duration: 60 min. Narrator: Dr. Konrad Büchner, Landscape Architect Linda. Available in German.

German Green Belt

Federal Project: 11 Tours with 65 points of interest for the Federal Project "Experience Green Belt" for the protection and environmentally sound of the touristic development of a precious landscape along the former inner German border: Thuringian Forest, Thuringian Slate Mountains/ Upper Saale River and Frankonian Forest. Available in German.

Franconian Forest Nature Park

67 points of interest. spotted all over the Nature Park Franconian Forest, to be combined individually: Bad Steben, Kulmbach, Küps, Kronach, Naila, Höllental, Selbitz "Locomotive Land", Rennsteig, Ködeltalsperre, Issigau, Schauenstein "Fire Brigade Museum", Wallenfels, etc. Available in German.

Hirschwald Nature Park

Circular Route with 10 points of interest. A travel through time from the Jurassic Sea via the Middle Ages to the modern times in the Nature Park Hirschwald/ Bavarian Jura. Available in German.

Lauenburg Themed Tours

Lauenburg Themed Tours: 5 themed Bicyle Tours with 40 points of interest: Avenue Tour, Manor House Tour, Churches Tour, Ice Age Tour, Lake Tour. Available in German.

Potsdam Peacock Island

Potsdam Peacock Island: Following Queen Luise's tracks on the Peacock Island. Innovative Exhibition-Project with 6 sound-stations and sound-collages. Available in German and English.


Oberwil Alpine Culture

Oberwil Alpine Culture: Guided Walking Tour about life in 2000 meters altitude. With explanations and the history of the alpine culture, cheese and stock farming. Duration: 60 min. Available in German.

Saas Valley Adventure Tour

Saas Valley Adventure Tour: Guided Walking Tour leading through 4 Villages in the Saas Valley/ Glacier- and Valley Tour. Narrator: Saas Girl Marie, Reverend Imseng. Duration: 120 min. Available in German, English, French and Italian.

Silvaplana Skitour

Silvaplana Skitour: Narrated Audio Guide on the mountain top of the Corvatsch (3300 meters high) in the Engadin. Narrator: Jürg Kienberger. Duration: 40 min. Available in German, English and Italian.


Gröden Walking Tour

Gröden Walking Tour: GPS-Explorer Tour "Through the Val Gardena/ Gherdëina with Luis Trenker“/ Narrated Audio Guide through the Dolomite Alps, including film clips with mountaineer Luis Trenker. Duration: 90 min. Available in German and Italian.

Merano Podcast

Podcast about the Merano High Mountain Trail with travelogue and an interview with mountaineer Reinhold Messner. Available in Italian.

South Tyrol Podcast

Podcast for the South Tyrol Marketing (SMG) - Narrated Audio Guide. Narrator: Winegrower, Historian, Public Characters. Duration: 90 min. Available in German, English, Italian, Polish and Czech.