Making guided tours better

Verticals Guiding Group


Photo Cruising Guiding Group


Small, medium or large-sized ship? The open sea or a river cruise? Our cruiseline guiding system offers you a GPS guide, smart guide and multimedia guide for your river tours, ocean tours and shore excursions.



City Tours

Photo City Tours Guiding Group


Audio-visual city tours are now standard in city tourism. This strongly growing market plays a key role in establishing a city’s image. To provide this sector with even better services, we founded GUIDING GROUP ...
... creating the right basis to meet the challenges in this sector.





Photo Outdoor Guiding Group


Once you know something about a landscape’s history, the life of its woodlands and the flora and fauna living, there you view it differently. An audio guide can provide just such information at the site where it is needed – different podcast genres, from the audio play format to short stories, interviews, legends and sagas, can bring nature and its myths alive.



Museum and Exhibition

Photo Museum Guiding Group


Museum guides using both audio and visual media offer visitors a more intensive museum experience. Visitors no longer have to follow set routes or sequences, but can take their time to explore a collection in any order at their own pace.



Factory Tours

Photo Industry Guiding Group


Production facility tours are a key factor in marketing and customer loyalty, and play a major role in enhancing a company's image. Audio-visual guide systems have a decisive advantage here, since it is never easy to interrupt production to reduce, for example, noise levels for a tour.