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In the ear of your visitors

Audio-visual city tours are now standard in city tourism. This strongly growing market plays a key role in establishing a city’s image. To provide this sector with even better services, we founded GUIDING GROUP ...
... creating the right basis to meet the challenges in this sector.

Now you can benefit from one expert and specialised source for installations, content production, and the marketing of audio-visual city tours. The GUIDING GROUP, our exclusive partner for content, has worked widely with museums and exhibitions, and applies the same quality benchmarks to city marketing. In cooperation with the GUIDING  GROUP, we will be glad to develop your content design, and work together with you in identifying the famous figure best suited to guide your visitors through your beautiful town or city.

We look after all aspects of production, configure the technology, and organise support services for the itour city guides for all the cities in the group across all German-speaking areas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Tourist sector professionals wanting to find out more about our services can take a tour with headphones in any of our partner cities in any of the languages on offer – and discover the fascination of our itour city tours for themselves!


Whether you choose the app or rental device, we offer map-based city tours and audio walking tours using GPS technology.

They are designed to be easy to operate both for individual tourism and group trips. All points of interest are marked on the map. An audio file is triggered by GPS allowing visitors to listen to fascinating information and play an image gallery on the device if required.

Discover cities and sights easily with the iTour City App!

The iTour City Guide app has been developed  to discover cities in a very individual and unique way. With the iTour City Guide app, you can easily find all sights of a city - with GPS and an integrated offline map.

You can explore the city by feet or simply sit on a sunny park bench and listen quite relaxed to the content  - depending on your mood. The order is also entirely up to you -
the iTour City app has been developed in such a way that everyone can follow their own interests individually.

All you need is your mobile device!

The audio guide is developed exclusively by and itour cityguide GmbH.

• City tour with all major sights
• High-quality audio content with professional speakers
• City map with zoom function and directly selectable points of interest
• GPS navigation
• Selection menu with directly selectable points of interest
• For each sight several pictures shown as slide show

iTour City App
iTour City App

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