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Behind the scenes

Production facility tours are a key factor in marketing and customer loyalty, and play a major role in enhancing a company's image.

Audio-visual guide systems have a decisive advantage here, since it is never easy to interrupt production to reduce, for example, noise levels for a tour. A multimedia tour via headphones offers a perfect solution.  While visitors listen to an explanation of the production processes, their tour device provides a multimedia description of additional processes and production routines.

And in a globalised world, a monolingual tour is no longer enough. Today’s challenge lies in organising and providing tours in a range of languages for foreign guests, customers and interested visitors. So whether you have planned a production tour for UK engineers, a French-speaking industrial delegation, or a Swedish travel group, our audio-visual guides allow all your guests to hear, watch and enjoy the same tour at the same time in their own language... and then join any subsequent discussion with the same background knowledge.