Photo Museum and Exhibition Guiding Group

Making culture and education technically experienceable


Museum guides using both audio and visual media offer visitors a more intensive museum experience.

Visitors no longer have to follow set routes or sequences, but can take their time to explore a collection in any order at their own pace. With an audio and visual presentation, factual information and anecdotes can round off the visitor’s direct experience of exhibits and museal objects.

Since the museum is involved at the stage of the conceptual design, the collection curators can also decide whether the audio material includes a conservator, an artist, or a text from the collection catalogue – and if these should be supplemented, for instance, by a personal contribution from the collection’s founder or long forgotten original recordings.

The guide can also include specific image documents or videos that visitors can view on the device display or via an app on their own smartphones.


Whether a permanent display or designed to tour, exhibitions all have one thing in common – they all offer a range of stunning exhibits for visitors to admire. Often, though, those visitors have to flip through a catalogue to find detailed information and facts.

But it can be different. Visitors to The Shroud of Turin, for example, could enjoy another kind of access to the exhibits through the words of the many renowned scientists and scholars from all areas on the audio guide – providing fascinating insights only otherwise available in a library in Rome or in the university laboratories at Oxford, Zurich and Tucson/Arizona.

As in this case, audio guides provide simpler access to information and stimulate a desire to learn more. One might even say that, in educational terms, the audio guide offers a broader access to the general public and intensifies the visual and listening pleasure.

Here too, the alternatives are individual user-friendly technical solutions available at any time – knowledge, as it were, at the touch of a button – and all without group pressure.



Historical buildings

Who could tell you more about these exceptional buildings than their creators? So we let such renowned German architects and master builders as Karl Friedrich Schinkel or Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff have their say .... Our guides offer an audio and visual accompaniment for your journey back in time, taking you on fascinating tours of heritage buildings – and bringing the ancient walls to life again! With our tours, visitors can themselves decide what to see and when to visit these monuments to past ages.

Rather than dry history, the tour commentaries offer a vibrant mix of factual information, anecdotes and stirring tales and legends – living history directly addressing the visitor. And it’s entirely up to you whether you listen to Margaret, the last Meinhardiner Countess of Tyrol, or Ötzi the Iceman – or even a peat bog body!

Our audio tours for monasteries, palaces and castles also optionally include diverse images, from historical figures to treasures and archaeological finds, specifically designed for the device display.