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How nature becomes an experience

Once you know something about a landscape’s history, the life of its woodlands and the flora and fauna living, there you view it differently.

An audio guide can provide just such information at the site where it is needed – from details on the cultural history of Alpine farming, cows and cheese making, nature conservancy issues, or insights into the habitat of the osprey, its secrets and nesting habits.

Even in the silence of the woods, a choir of moor frogs echoing in a hiker’s earphones can impressively recreate the sound of life on a moor. The guide can offer facts enriching an experience of the “great outdoors” - for example, the size of the moor frog population, or that the habitat is also teeming with a variety of species of brown frogs, common toads, and crested newts. Although the marshy ground may prevent anyone hiking through the waterlogged terrain under the alder trees, an audio guide can provide a direct emotional access to just such a biotope and its natural diversity. In this way, the audio guide also plays a significant part in developing an appreciation of ecosystems, the natural world, and the need for environmental protection.

Different podcast genres, from the audio play format to short stories, interviews, legends and sagas, can bring nature and its myths alive, while interesting facts can be embedded in fascinating narratives accessed as desired at different stations in the natural surroundings themselves.

An audio guide is ideal for everyone wanting to explore on their own, no matter whether they are visiting a knight’s castle shrouded in legend, discovering the difference between nature protection and bio-diversity, exploring the European Green Belt network, or hiking through an alpine mountain landscape. And with the right guide in your ear, you can gain a better insight into our planet’s natural worlds.... not to mention its diversity of languages, flora and fauna, agriculture and viticulture, and regional customs!

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